Online casino withdrawal methods explained

When it comes to online casino gaming, it is all about winning. You play to make as much money as possible, as quickly as you can. Pocketing large sums of money through online gambling is a realistic possibility, but it would all be meaningless if you couldn’t actually access the money you make. Withdrawing is the process you need to understand should you want to cash-in on your winnings. Cashing out any money made was once an annoying and lengthy task, but as the industry has evolved, cashing out winnings has only become an easier process to undertake. If you have money sitting in your online casino account and are wondering what to do with it, listen closely. The following looks at what methods you can use to withdraw funds from an online casino account.

If you have a preferred method that you want to use, and you’re looking for a casino that accepts that payment method, you can find your casino online @, which is a review site that will give you a good overview over what payment methods various casinos offer.


It was briefly mentioned above, but the reality is that industry evolution has changed the way online casino players manage their money. Withdrawing used to have to be done via eCheque or bank transfer, but the introduction of eWallets has changed all that. Completely digital in both approach and operation, eWallets have become an online casino sensation and for good reason. They have allowed for almost instantaneous withdrawals to take place, but not only that, they have also increased the level anonymity between casino and player. Leading the way when it comes to eWallet providers are Neteller and Skrill. Both have built their business operation off of the back of online casino integration, hence why you are likely to see Skill and Neteller withdrawal support offered at 99% of the online casinos you visit. Other eWallet methods that players are likely to encounter are PayPal and uKash, but both are offered to a lesser extent. Low fees and commissions, increased availability, and lightening quick withdrawal times make eWallets the premiere form of money withdrawal method in 2015.

Debit Cards/Credit Cards

As mentioned previously, the world maybe turning toward withdrawal methods such as eWallets, but there is still plenty of room for plastic in this digital world. Credit and debit cards may be considered old fashioned by some, but they certainly still have a place in proceedings. When it comes to withdrawal methods many players still prefer to use their debit card. Reason being that it provides a commission-less transaction experience, while it also offers up a direct link between bank account and online casino account, something that eWallets can’t yet do. All a player needs to do is a link a debit card, request a withdrawal, and that is pretty much it. Credit cards work in a similar fashion aside from a few small usage conditions. Some online casinos may charge commission for a credit card based withdrawal, while American Express (AMEX) is still not widely accepted within the industry. This may create an issue for players who prefer to use AMEX over Visa and MasterCard. Plastic won’t be a withdrawal method that lasts the test of the time, but it is still as viable a withdrawal method as ever in 2015, with most casinos listed at and the other big casino guides still offering this payment method.

Easy Access

Next time you land a big win at an online casino rejoice, as it will by no means be a chore getting your hands on your money. Through eWallets, debit cards, and credit cards, as a player you are only ever a few clicks away from cashing out your hard earned winnings.